Dental Health Care Services in Lido di Ostia

Looking for dental and mouth health care in Ostia? Our Ostia Dental Clinic can provide you and your family with all the professional care and services you need to start smiling again. Check out at this page all the dental services we offer at our dental clinic.

Our Ostia dental clinic is Covid-19 safe.

We comply with all Covid-19 safety and security measures and procedures for the safety of our patients and employees, and to make our dental clinic a safe place.

The most popular services at our Ostia Dental Clinic 


Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Health Care

Is your dental clinic wheelchair accessible?
Yes, there aren’t architectural barriers in our clinic. We are on the ground floor and immediately after the entrance door there is an elevator to get over a short staircase.
Do you provide ortho-panoramic radiography services at your clinic?
At our clinic we only take intraoral radiographs for diagnostic purposes, but we have agreements with several diagnostic and radiology clinics that we recommend to our patients, and which send results of our customers' radiological or resonance examinations directly by email.
What’s the cost of a dental visit? May I pay with a credit card?
Dental visits at our clinic are free. After the visit, a treatment plan and a cost estimate will be shown off, so you can decide whether to accept or not. You can pay with both cash or credit card.
Do you offer whichever dental treatment in your clinic?
Of course! In our dental clinic you will find a specialists’ team at your service, for all your dental needs.
I have had a toothache for a few days, and they are also sensitive to cold and heat. What could it be?

It isn’t possible to determine the cause of the problem without an examination and possibly x-rays. Book a visit and we will be happy to welcome you to our clinic to fix your problem.


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Plan for your dental visit

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As a Covid-19 safety measure, we are currently not accepting walk-in patients.

Bring your documents

Bring a current valid, plus dental insurance and documentation if available.

Covid-19 safe

Wearing a mask and maintaining interpersonal distancing are mandatory.

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