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If you have one or more missing teeth, a fixed prosthesis may be the most suitable solution to solve your problem.


The removable prosthesis must satisfy function and aesthetics, and you’ll be able to choose among various total mobile prosthesis solutions.

Dental Implants

The dental implant is a titanium screw (a non-toxic and biocompatible material) that replaces the natural tooth root.

Oral Surgery

We follow accurate surgical protocols and all procedures are performed in a surgical room with the highest standards of hygiene and sterility.

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The loss of a tooth causes the displacement of adjacent and antagonist teeth, until the remaining space is closed. These displacements lead to an adaptation of the occlusion, followed by problems with the temporomandibular joint, neck pain and postural disorders.

This is why a missing tooth must always be restored and fixed prosthesis and implantology, which combine functionality, aesthetics, technology and biocompatibility, are the best known techniques for replacing one or more missing teeth or single damaged teeth.

The term “fixed prosthesis” means a custom-made medical device, designed to restore damaged teeth, not removable, but which is fixed to the pillars of natural teeth (abutments) with suitable cements, or screwed onto the implants.

When the fixed dental prosthesis restores a single tooth, we talk about a single crown, when instead the fixed prosthesis replaces one or more teeth and is still fixed to at least two pillars, natural teeth or implants, we talk about a dental bridge.

A dental implant, in addition to being the most aesthetic option to restore missing elements, such as natural teeth, transmits the forces of chewing to jaws, thus reducing bone loss.

Titanium used for implant screws is an absolutely non-toxic and biocompatible material, which means that it has no harmful effects on the organism with which it comes into contact.

When implantology is not possible or when it is not possible to carry out immediate loading implant therapy, the solution to restore an arch or a few dental elements is the mobile prosthesis.

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Metal free or zirconium crowns are the most aesthetic solution to restore the teeth of the anterior sector. They provide artlessness and extreme resistance and elasticity.

At our clinic we offer various mobile prosthetic solutions, each of which satisfies functionality and aesthetics.
When all the teeth are missing, a dental prosthesis can be made which is fixed on 4 or 6 implants. Even if there is little bone.
When a wisdom tooth has disodontiasis and problems (inflammation, pain, damage to nearby teeth) or when its eruption can affect the results of an orthodontic treatment, it is surgically extracted.
Sinus lift is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the height of the maxillary bone, with the insertion of freeze-dried bone, which is then covered with a collagen membrane.


Frequently Asked Questions about Anti-Aging Fillers

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is an artificial titanium root that is surgically inserted into the maxillary or mandibular bone, to replace one or more missing teeth.
What is the difference between fixed and removable dental prosthetics?
The term fixed prosthesis refers to a fixed dental crown or bridge and therefore non-removable dental prosthetics. The term mobile prosthetics refers to a removable dental prosthetics such as a denture.
How long can be a dental implants surgery?
It usually takes 30-60 minutes to insert dental implants, depending on the position and number of implants to be treated.
Is dental implant surgery painful? Will I feel pain after implant surgery?
No, as it is performed under local anesthesia. The discomfort will be minimal. An appropriate post-surgical pharmaceutical protocol will be prescribed to minimize pain and swelling.
My removable prosthesis isn't stable anymore and I can no longer chew or speak, what can I do?
If your mobile prosthesis does not have the necessary stability, it is necessary to evaluate its remaking or relining.


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