Orthodontics for Kids and Adults in Lido di Ostia

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Kids’ Orthodontics

A pediatric orthodontic treatment also helps to eliminate the bad habits that lead to malocclusion and helps permanent teeth to erupt in the right position.

Teens’ Orthodontics

Teenagers are not always happy to get orthodontics, at our clinic we provide different types of orthodontic therapies, including the invisible one.

Adults’ Orthodontics

An orthodontic treatment, in addition to correcting a malocclusion, will significantly improve the aesthetics of the face.

Invisalign® Go Orthodontics

Compared to traditional orthodontics, Invisalign® Go offers discretion, because the aligners are practically invisible.

Our Ostia dental clinic is Covid-19 safe.

We comply with all Covid-19 safety and security measures and procedures for the safety of our patients and employees, and to make our dental clinic a safe place.

Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and rehabilitation of dental malocclusions and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunctions, due to the malposition of the teeth or the disharmonic development of the mandibular and maxillary bones.

The orthodontic treatment is aimed at returning the teeth to the correct position, to correctly restore the chewing function and aesthetics, and is carried out by applying controlled forces by means of brackets (metal or ceramic) and orthodontic wires, bands, arches and others fixed or removable equipment.

A malocclusion occurs when there is an incorrect alignment between the dental arches. Malocclusions can be caused by mispositioning of the teeth or by dento-skeletal problems.

Orthodontic therapy manages to treat all malocclusions of dental origin. In the case of dento-skeletal malocclusions, an early orthodontic therapy can avoid a future surgical therapy.

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Many people believe that orthodontic treatments can only be carried out during childhood or adolescence. There is nothing more wrong. There are no age restrictions for orthodontics.

Your baby’s oral health is important. A first dental visit is recommended around 3 years of age, when milk teeth are erupted.
The first orthodontic visit should take place around 5-6 years of age, when the baby teeth are complete and the eruption of the first permanent teeth begins.
Invisalign® Go
Often, the only obstacle to orthodontic treatment is the aesthetic factor represented by the brackets. Certain malocclusions can be treated with Invisalign® Go.
It can happen that a permanent tooth does not erupt, but remains embedded in the maxillary or mandibular bones. In these cases, orthodontic surgery can be performed.


Frequently Asked Questions about Orthodontics for Kids and Adults

What is the right age for my child's first orthodontic visit?
At the complete eruption of the milk teeth and before the exchange, an early orthodontic evaluation can already be done.
What is the best orthodontic treatment?
There is no better orthodontic treatment than another. Each orthodontic treatment is designed to solve a specific problem for a specific person.
What is the right age to start orthodontic therapy?
For children, usually around age 5, with complete eruption of baby teeth and before commuting. There is no age limit for adults.
How do I know if I can use invisible orthodontics?
By booking an orthodontic visit you will know if invisible orthodontics can solve your problem.
Is invisible orthodontics always effective?
Some types of malocclusions cannot be treated with invisible orthodontics, and in those cases it is necessary to resort to traditional orthodontics.


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