Family Dentistry and Oral Care in Lido di Ostia

Family members of all ages are welcome at our Ostia Dental Clinic

Adults and seniors

Children and newborns


we are experienced in oral care for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Dedicated to women's care

As women, as well as dental care professionals, we understand women’s needs. From the need to take your baby with you, to your attention to aesthetics.

Children of all ages welcome

Regular checks will help intercepting every little problem in the bud and avoid your child having to go to the dentist for an often-painful emergency.

Wheelchair accessible

There are no architectural barriers to access our clinic, located at the ground floor. There is an elevator to overcome a short flight of stairs by the entrance door.

Oral care and prevention

Our patients’ prevention of oral and dental diseases is an essential priority for us. For this reason, dental checkups are always free at our dental clinic.

Our Ostia dental clinic is Covid-19 safe.

We comply with all Covid-19 safety and security measures and procedures for the safety of our patients and employees, and to make our dental clinic a safe place.

We take care of your family. With our many years of experience, we have seen that oral health is often neglected, for several reasons, in precisely the weakest people: children, the elderly and women.

Children, because it is thought that it is not necessary to treat milk teeth; the elderly, because they often have difficulty moving or financial difficulties; and women, because they often sacrifice their well-being for the well-being of the family.

The health of your children‘s teeth is important, so we make sure that no child is afraid when they come to the clinic. Take your children for regular checkups and we will introduce them to all the tools we usually use.

Often women take on the burden of family management, everything related above all to children’s education and health. The result is not having enough time for themselves, not even for routine dental treatment.

Listening to the elderly patient is essential to understanding their needs, so that they can benefit from optimal oral health at our dental clinic.

The examination of elderly patients will include, in addition to the usual control of any dental caries, also the control of the state of fixed and mobile prostheses, the state of the oral mucosa and a careful screening for the prevention of oral cancer.

Having a healthy mouth and taking care of your oral hygiene, specially for elderly patients, is of primary importance. In addition to all the obvious health benefits, an healthy smile will be fundamental for how others will perceive you.

Prevention is essential to have a dazzling smile. For this reason, we take care of your smile, always offering you the possibility to carry out visits and checks without any commitment on your part.

Please contact our Ostia Dental Clinic to learn more about our family dental health care services, and to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you at our family dental clinic whenever you will need our dental services. Our team will be happy to welcoming you in our covid-safe dental clinic in Ostia, and to help you with your dental and mouth care needs.


We offer all dental services at our clinic, in order for you to have an always dazzling smile. From aesthetic prostheses to dental whitening; from prevention to invisible orthodontics.

The health of your children’s teeth is important, so we make sure that no child is afraid when they come to the clinic. Take your children for regular checkups at our dental clinic.
We know that in everyday life, women shoulder the burden of family management. Since we are women, mothers, but also professionals and dentists, we offer full support to our women patients.
We know that many couples don’t know how to manage their baby’s oral health, or they don’t know how to manage teething. That’s why we provide early childhood oral health advice at our clinic. For Free.
Senior and elderly people are the pillars of our society. We know their needs are very different from those of younger people. The checks at our clinic will always be carried out paying attention to all the health problems of the elderly.


Bravissima, professionale e affidabile.

Plan for your dental visit

Call for appointment

As a Covid-19 safety measure, we are currently not accepting walk-in patients.

Bring your documents

Bring a current valid, plus dental insurance and documentation if available.

Covid-19 safe

Wearing a mask and maintaining interpersonal distancing are mandatory.


Frequently Asked Questions about Family Dentistry and Oral Care

My incisor is chipped, is it possible to reconstruct the missing part?
In most cases it is possible to carry out an aesthetic reconstruction of the incisors with composites, materials that are very similar to dental tissue in terms of hardness, translucency and color.
Can I do dental hygiene during pregnancy?
Dental hygiene does not require the use of anesthetics and can be safely performed during pregnancy. Furthermore, dental hygiene sessions help prevent pregnancy gingivitis which occurs due to hormonal changes.
What can I do if my child is afraid of the dentist?
First of all, the cause of his fear must be assessed, if it depends on negative experiences, if it is fear of the unknown or if the fear is unknowingly transmitted by parents, other family members or friends.

In any case, accustom your child to periodic visits, never force him to have any dental therapies performed, especially under the threat of pricks or syringes. Book a visit and we will be happy to introduce us to your child so that his approach to dental care can be as peaceful as possible.

What is the right age for the child's first dental visit?

It is advisable to accustom the child to periodic visits from the complete eruption of the milk teeth. In the absence of caries or painful dental pathologies, your child will experience the visit as a game, as he will not feel discomfort or pain, and will get acquainted, as well as with the dentist, with the various tools used, learning not to be afraid of them. Furthermore, before the exchange it is already possible to make an initial orthodontic evaluation.

Book a visit and we will be happy to introduce us to your child so that his approach to dental care can be as peaceful as possible.

Up to what age can a teeth whitening treatment be done?
There is no age limit to be able to perform teeth whitening.

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