Family Dental Clinic in Ostia

A family dentist in Ostia for the dental and mouth health care of all ages and all family members: from adult and seniors to children and newborn, with a strong attention to women’s dental health, specially during or while planning a pregnancy,

A Clinic for All Ages

All ages are welcome at our Ostia dental clinic, where you will find a welcoming and professional environment.

Painless Dentistry

If needed, we can overcome your fear of the dentist thanks to nitrous oxide based conscious sedation techniques.

Women's Dental Care

Our Ostia dental clinic is specialized in women’s dental care, with particular reference to pregnancy dental care.

Our Ostia dental clinic is Covid-19 safe.

We comply with all Covid-19 safety and security measures and procedures for the safety of our patients and employees, and to make our dental clinic a safe place.


Hi, my name is Carmen.

I’m passioned of dentistry and it’s this passion that drives me to put all of myself into what I do and to improve myself with energy and determination. I believe that you cannot achieve personal fulfilment without making your own contribution to the society in which you live and I want to make this contribution by transmitting my passion in my work. I believe that conveying to others the passion in one’s work helps to make a real difference, in our life and in the life of those who interact with us.

Areas of Expertise

Cosmetic Dentistry

Specialization in cosmetic dentistry, improved by numerous advanced courses.

Prosthetic and Implantology

Many years of experience in oral surgery and implantology, supported by a highly specialized surgical team.


Experience in the orthodontic treatment of adults and children. Invisalign-Go provider.

Facial Aesthetic Medicine

Specialization and commitment to offering the best medical aesthetic facial treatments. Member of SIMEO (Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine).


Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Health Care

In which area of Ostia is your dental clinic located?
The dental clinic is located in Via Alessandro D'Aste number 3, in Lido di Ostia Levante, close to “Stella Polare” train station, but also easily reachable on foot from “Lido Centro” train station. To find us exactly, take a look at the Google Map on the contact page.
I am afraid of the dentist, what can I do to overcome it
Come to meet us! We will make a visit (for free), where we will show you the various methods we apply for those who, like you, are afraid of the dentist. A distress that, with our methods and our holistic approach, is also defeated by children. We are sure we will be able to pass it on to you too.
How can I book a dental visit?
To book a dental visit at our clinic, simply contact us using the form on the contact page, or calling the number 3453907857 directly (also WhatsApp).
Here is the link to the contact page with other contact information, including the address of our clinic and email contacts.
Is it safe to have a dental visit or treatment during this Covid-19 pandemic?
Absolutely yes. Our office and all its rooms are sanitized several times a day and after each visit with our patients. Access to our clinic is allowed only by wearing a mask, temperature measurement and after completing the triage form, according to the prevention measures.
Within the Studio, social distancing is practiced and hand sanitizers are available everywhere in the rooms Furthermore, we schedule appointments with our patients, in order to avoid or minimize the waiting in the waiting room.
Instruments and equipment used during treatments and therapies, regardless of the risk of a pandemic, in addition to a matter of general hygiene and safety, when they are not disposable, are always sterilized, and packaged in order to preserve their sterility, as required by current health legislation to avoid the risk of cross infection.
Can I get a quote by sending an X-ray, without making a visit?

It is not possible to draw up a correct treatment plan and therefore a cost estimate without first carrying out a clinical examination, i.e. a visit. Book an appointment, a careful visit will be carried out and you will have a detailed treatment plan and a quote, which you can decide whether to accept or not.


Bravissima, professionale e affidabile.

Plan for your dental visit

Call for appointment

As a Covid-19 safety measure, we are currently not accepting walk-in patients.

Bring your documents

Bring a current valid, plus dental insurance and documentation if available.

Covid-19 safe

Wearing a mask and maintaining interpersonal distancing are mandatory.

Ostia Dental Clinic

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Opening Hours

Mondays to Fridays:
9.30am to 7.30pm
Thu, Sat, Sun: closed


Via Alessandro D'Aste, 3
00122 Lido di Ostia
Rome, Italy